Tuesday, December 18, 2012

alright, here goes nothing. some things about me:

i am a teacher who hates capital letters, except to show expression.

i live alone with my two cats and desperately wish to not be called a crazy cat lady.

i live 4-5-or-6 hours away from my immediate family and i miss them daily.

my niece and goddaughter, braelynn, is one of my favorite people in the world.

said niece has shown me how to love unconditionally again.

i am new to blogging but think learning by doing is the best way to get er done!

anyway, enough about me. well, maybe not.. but moving along anyway. inspiration for this blog came to me one night when i decided that i had a whole bunch of things that i wanted to accomplish and i needed some place to dish all the goods out. i know that having 'followers' is the point of a blog, so you can have people tell you that you're normal and sane, et cetera, et cetera... however i feel like i prob wont ever have that many followers, if any, so its just a personal bitch fest for me. back to the topic of why i'm doing this shit. i have decided that i absolutely have to start getting my happy credit card charging ass out of debt. no ifs, ands, or big ass booties about it. i have no choice at this point. i am over the moon in debt and i know i wouldnt be if i didnt pay a bajillion dollars in credit card debt every month. i also need to lose weight. what better way to do it then by bitching about the struggles and temptations that come with both?  i know FOR A FACT (see, those capitals are okay - expression!) that if i can learn to budget, i will lose weight. my money problems come from a food problem addiction. when i'm happy, sad, excited, tired, depressed, lonely, happy, working, breathing, laying, i want to be eating. food is a drug. a legal and seemingly normal way to cope with life's feelings. what a bitch. food is my bitch. i eat it like its my job and spend more effing money on it than ANYTHING else in my life. i hate it. i hate that food has a hold on me. and from this point on.. it will be different. not perfect, but different. mark my words.

raw. unscripted. life. passion. determination. success?