Monday, February 4, 2013

this week's goals

after reading several other people's blogs for the last couple months, i decided that i need to continue this blog for me. not for the fame or glory or followers, but for me to express myself especially in the evenings. i have been trying really hard to get on track with my weight loss. i have been working out consistently 4-5 times a week for about a month doing insanity with several of my coworkers after school tues-fri. working out is the EASY part for me. my struggle is the eating. i eat well all day long at work, and then i struggle when i'm at home and alone.

i decided to write my goals down here and then follow up with them next week. i'm hoping to post more throughout the week as well, but not going to guarantee anything!

  • track what i'm eating
  • workout 5 days this week
  • be mindful of why i'm eating (emotional or physical)
  • watch my portions
  • try not to be a perfectionist with eating better
every time i start on WW or any weight loss program i lose weight like crazy because i don't misstep at all. and it scares me to misstep because as soon as i do, i justify it and then go back to my old ways. i didn't do perfect last week and lost 1.2 pounds, which i gladly accepted. however, in my head i start justifying my bad choices by saying that if i make them all the time i can continue to lose weight. its a vicious cycle of laziness and self-doubt. i am going to use this as a place to document for myself to have forever. i will not look back. i will push forward from this point on. i can do it.. i will do it... i AM doing it!!!!